Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stolen Identity

Are you adopted? Did you ever want to know why your birth mother gave you to another family? Matthew was adopted. He was angry with his mother for "giving" him away because his adopted mother was very abusive. She blamed him for her husband walking out on them as well! Matthew had no idea he had been adopted until his mother passed away. It was on her death bed when the truth finally came out. His anger was born.
When Matthew hired a detective to locate his mother, he learned 2 things. One, his birth mother was also gone and two, he had a twin brother who his birth mother had raised from birth. Anger grew stronger inside his heart. After seeing his brother from a distance, he saw his brother's hot wife. It was at that moment when a plan began to grow in his mind. A plan that would take others' lives and hopefully win the heart of Allison.
Matthew was normally a great guy who obeyed the law and did anything he was told, esp. his mother. After she was gone, he was finally free to explore the world and be who he wanted to be. When he saw Allison, he knew who he wanted to be--his brother. Being identical twins, he could pull it off if he planned it right and played the game to a tee. He had to learn everything his brother knew, use everything his brother used, talk to the same friends, play the same sports, and so on. He had to follow Allison which wasn't work, it was a gift.
When everything was set into place, his brother had to die. Taking his brother's place meant being with Allison all the time, making love to her when ever he wanted, and raising the children as his own. How hard could that be? Well, for Matthew, it could be really hard!
This is as much as I'm telling you right now! An excerpt is available on my website as well as more information about this book which will be coming out soon!
It was published by Amira Press
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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