Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Newest Book

All right. I have a new book to talk about. This one is still being written but I have finished the first rough draft. Rough meaning it has some things that still need to go into the story. A lot of writers just worry about getting the story out of them and then go back later and fill it in. That was what I did.

A special friend of mine wanted me to write a book about dragons. It took me a few years to come up with a story that I could tell. When I finally came up with this story, I realized it was for adults, not children. Sorry, Teddy. Mother of the Dragons has a bit of romance in the story but because of the fighting between human and dragons, it is more dark fantasy than romance. I just added that little touch to keep it from being too much.

Dawnrae is the first dragon man, woman, or child has ever seen. She was a human at one time but because of a forbidden love, a wizard named Zayne turned her into a dragon, something he called Fire Beast. Then because he felt guilty, he made a new potion for Dawnrae. If love put her in that position, love could also save her but it has to be real love, true love. Dawnrae couldn't see how anyone could love a hideous beast as herself. Losing the only man she did love, made her angry and in a lot of pain so she raised her own army for a war against a king who wanted her dead.

Years pass as she tells her life story to a young couple who she met in a cave along a beach. Her human eyes had a way of calming Sarah and Brian, ginving them a chance to learn a little history about the dragons, including the magic they brought other countries, inspiration for a song writer, and hearing how those legends of evil dragons were real. Does Dawnrae carry enough magic to save herself from who she became? Did Zayne's potion really save her with the one thing that made her what she was? And what about the young couple? What do they bring to the story?

I have to finish this story and bring it to life so you can see how this story ends. Imagine though, sword fights, a battle to the death, passion, a lost love, and more!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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