Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Little From Amber

Ok, it has been a while since I have said anything on here and I do apologize for this. Being a full time writer means keeping busy on writing, editing, promoting books being published, and focusing on any new projects. I am doing this all day it seems. I do enjoy it so there's no complaints here.
Originally, I thought my book would be ready by now but due to complications and a change of opinion from one editor to another, the release date hasn't been assigned yet. This does make people wait a little longer but all good things are worth waiting for. So I have been told lol. I do agree with that because Stolen Identity really is getting to be a great story and I am enjoying this process as it goes from idea being born all the way to getting on the shelves.
There are so many things that are behind the scenes of publishing books. Some of these things will never be understood by people who don't write. Some things will always be understood by those people and these people will respect the writer for taking the steps needed for that great book! I know I respect the process even though I'm very anxious.
As I wait for more edits to come back to me, I continue to write more books. It is a writer's job to write and that is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. I want to write until I no longer can and hopefully that won't happen for another 30 or so years lol. That is a lot of books! A writer can't control what book is accepted and what book is denied but we can work really hard to make the book the best we can and just be patient as we search for publishers and agents that will accept the books we write. I find it very fullfilling as I sit and write. I can escape into other worlds and become the characters so to speak.
Ok, once the book does come out, I will be throwing a contest for a free ebook! Yes, Stolen Identity will have two different versions available once it is available. I have no idea what the contest will contain just yet but it will be interesting to see how I do come up with it. The ebook will then be sent via email to the winner which can be downloaded to the pc for instant reading. From there, an booksigning will be scheduled. The location has already been set up with someone I know who owns an adult bookstore who also sells other items for adults. I felt it was appropriate since it is an erotica story lol. A second location hasn't been discovered yet but I am hoping I will hit the other store who is owned by her husband, same type of store just different location. I haven't discussed this with him just yet. I need to wait for a release date before I can do any more than I already have. Meanwhile, I tell people about the book so more people will be aware of it when it does come out.
I do have a lot of fun telling people I write erotica books. I have a plan for another book but I haven't started writing that one yet. I wanted to get another genre out there first. Romance is my next one, well not romance lol. It will be more fantasy with romance in it to keep it interesting. As it turned out, my first book Cursed Blood has a supernatural romance twist which keep readers wanting more. The horror keeps you suspended and on the edge of the seat while the romance keeps you motivated to turn the page. It connects you to the characters which is a great thing. I guess I like romance after all which is why I wanted to write a book that just had romance in it which will be another book. I have that one started but needed to work out the kinks in it so I took a break from that to write the fantasy romance story.
Ok, this is really enough to keep you wondering what's going on. Remember, you can always check out my website to get all my information about all the books I have written and published, as well as the ones I am working on now. You can also sign up for my newsletter so you can get this information sent directly to you instead of you going to the site all the time. You would be one of the first people to learn the release date and any new information.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there! Bye 4 now!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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