Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Another Day In My Life

A week has passed since Thanksgiving and I am still hard at work writing my books. It is a never ending job but someone has to do it lol. I love to write so it doesn't bother me. Its editing that I don't really care for but its a big part of writing so editing I must do.

I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping this passed week. My kids have 3 each so far, I'm not saying a word about their gifts lol. Who knows whose reading this lol. I also got a few gifts for close friends which are wrapped since they visit a lot. It's easy for them since they live just accross the street lol. So now I have more to wrap but there is plenty of time to get the rest wrapped and place neatly under the new tree. It is a pretty tree this year. I decorated it in our wedding colors, and my husband's favorite football team's colors (the Cowboys). They are playing so well this year. In Muncie, it is really hard finding anything that isn't Colts, I swear. If we lived in Fort Wayne, we wouldn't have a problem finding Cowboys stuff for Christmas. That is the down side of living close to Indianapolis lol. Maybe next year. That would be nice! I bought everything on sale last year after the holidays were over which saved us a bundle! The tree we got this year but it looks so nice with the blue and silver, I think.
I have been neglecting my writing just a little so tonight after I am finished writing in this blog, I will be spending the rest of the night and morning working on my newest book, Mother of the Dragons. The rough draft is complete but there is a lot of editing and polishing to do which takes the biggest portion of writing lol. At least for me anyway. This is something I am still learning about.
I will be discussing this book in my newsletter for the Jan issue if you haven't signed up for it yet. Starting in that issue, I will be having a totally new look to bring to everyone! I have a program that will covert my work into pdf format so people will be able to read it using Adobe Reader, which you can download for free. I had Adobe already so it was nice getting the converter (it was free too!). I save money where ever I can so more important things like my website can be bought lol.
Well, hey this is enough for this blog. I will be seeing you again next week as I write another one! Enjoy the week and don't forget, books make great gifts! It doesn't matter the age!
Happy Holidays
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, all around the world!

The turkey is golden brown and stuffed with the sweet aroma of turkey stuffing. The Cranberry sauce is full of flavor and ready for a taste from all the family members and friends. The mashed potatoes has Grandma's special touch as it sits in her holiday bowl. A small ham is decorated with pineapples and smells oh so good and waiting for those who don't care so much for turkey. The other wonderful fixings decorate the table with color and aroma. We are surrounded by people who love us and are thankful for us being around. We say our prayer and give thanks for the wonderful food we are about to eat. When the prayer has ended, each member tells the one thing he or she is truly thankful for. "Ahs" and "ohs" are heard throughout the room. One of the children says something cute and we all start laughing, thankful for a day like this.

What ever food you have prepared and who ever you are sharing this day with, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest and are thankful for each day you have together! These times we have are very precious and should be enjoyed to the fullest as if there were no tomorrow. It is a time for celebration and laughter so start now and never end!

Enjoy life, enjoy each other and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean (and family)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Website!

I have just loaded my new website and it is running now! This will be my offitial site for those who would like to check it out. With the new change, this will be my main blog as well! Each week, I will be adding a new message! Feel free to reply to them at any time!
There will be more things added to my site over the next couple days through the next few weeks as I prepare for my next book to be released!
Newsletters will still be going out every first of the month so sign up before the first gets here! December's issue may be coming out a day early due to my leaving town for the day. After that, the first of every month will have a new newsletter sent directly to your email! Your information will not be shared with outside parties for any reason!
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Newest Book

All right. I have a new book to talk about. This one is still being written but I have finished the first rough draft. Rough meaning it has some things that still need to go into the story. A lot of writers just worry about getting the story out of them and then go back later and fill it in. That was what I did.

A special friend of mine wanted me to write a book about dragons. It took me a few years to come up with a story that I could tell. When I finally came up with this story, I realized it was for adults, not children. Sorry, Teddy. Mother of the Dragons has a bit of romance in the story but because of the fighting between human and dragons, it is more dark fantasy than romance. I just added that little touch to keep it from being too much.

Dawnrae is the first dragon man, woman, or child has ever seen. She was a human at one time but because of a forbidden love, a wizard named Zayne turned her into a dragon, something he called Fire Beast. Then because he felt guilty, he made a new potion for Dawnrae. If love put her in that position, love could also save her but it has to be real love, true love. Dawnrae couldn't see how anyone could love a hideous beast as herself. Losing the only man she did love, made her angry and in a lot of pain so she raised her own army for a war against a king who wanted her dead.

Years pass as she tells her life story to a young couple who she met in a cave along a beach. Her human eyes had a way of calming Sarah and Brian, ginving them a chance to learn a little history about the dragons, including the magic they brought other countries, inspiration for a song writer, and hearing how those legends of evil dragons were real. Does Dawnrae carry enough magic to save herself from who she became? Did Zayne's potion really save her with the one thing that made her what she was? And what about the young couple? What do they bring to the story?

I have to finish this story and bring it to life so you can see how this story ends. Imagine though, sword fights, a battle to the death, passion, a lost love, and more!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stolen Identity

Are you adopted? Did you ever want to know why your birth mother gave you to another family? Matthew was adopted. He was angry with his mother for "giving" him away because his adopted mother was very abusive. She blamed him for her husband walking out on them as well! Matthew had no idea he had been adopted until his mother passed away. It was on her death bed when the truth finally came out. His anger was born.
When Matthew hired a detective to locate his mother, he learned 2 things. One, his birth mother was also gone and two, he had a twin brother who his birth mother had raised from birth. Anger grew stronger inside his heart. After seeing his brother from a distance, he saw his brother's hot wife. It was at that moment when a plan began to grow in his mind. A plan that would take others' lives and hopefully win the heart of Allison.
Matthew was normally a great guy who obeyed the law and did anything he was told, esp. his mother. After she was gone, he was finally free to explore the world and be who he wanted to be. When he saw Allison, he knew who he wanted to be--his brother. Being identical twins, he could pull it off if he planned it right and played the game to a tee. He had to learn everything his brother knew, use everything his brother used, talk to the same friends, play the same sports, and so on. He had to follow Allison which wasn't work, it was a gift.
When everything was set into place, his brother had to die. Taking his brother's place meant being with Allison all the time, making love to her when ever he wanted, and raising the children as his own. How hard could that be? Well, for Matthew, it could be really hard!
This is as much as I'm telling you right now! An excerpt is available on my website as well as more information about this book which will be coming out soon!
It was published by Amira Press
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Little From Amber

Ok, it has been a while since I have said anything on here and I do apologize for this. Being a full time writer means keeping busy on writing, editing, promoting books being published, and focusing on any new projects. I am doing this all day it seems. I do enjoy it so there's no complaints here.
Originally, I thought my book would be ready by now but due to complications and a change of opinion from one editor to another, the release date hasn't been assigned yet. This does make people wait a little longer but all good things are worth waiting for. So I have been told lol. I do agree with that because Stolen Identity really is getting to be a great story and I am enjoying this process as it goes from idea being born all the way to getting on the shelves.
There are so many things that are behind the scenes of publishing books. Some of these things will never be understood by people who don't write. Some things will always be understood by those people and these people will respect the writer for taking the steps needed for that great book! I know I respect the process even though I'm very anxious.
As I wait for more edits to come back to me, I continue to write more books. It is a writer's job to write and that is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. I want to write until I no longer can and hopefully that won't happen for another 30 or so years lol. That is a lot of books! A writer can't control what book is accepted and what book is denied but we can work really hard to make the book the best we can and just be patient as we search for publishers and agents that will accept the books we write. I find it very fullfilling as I sit and write. I can escape into other worlds and become the characters so to speak.
Ok, once the book does come out, I will be throwing a contest for a free ebook! Yes, Stolen Identity will have two different versions available once it is available. I have no idea what the contest will contain just yet but it will be interesting to see how I do come up with it. The ebook will then be sent via email to the winner which can be downloaded to the pc for instant reading. From there, an booksigning will be scheduled. The location has already been set up with someone I know who owns an adult bookstore who also sells other items for adults. I felt it was appropriate since it is an erotica story lol. A second location hasn't been discovered yet but I am hoping I will hit the other store who is owned by her husband, same type of store just different location. I haven't discussed this with him just yet. I need to wait for a release date before I can do any more than I already have. Meanwhile, I tell people about the book so more people will be aware of it when it does come out.
I do have a lot of fun telling people I write erotica books. I have a plan for another book but I haven't started writing that one yet. I wanted to get another genre out there first. Romance is my next one, well not romance lol. It will be more fantasy with romance in it to keep it interesting. As it turned out, my first book Cursed Blood has a supernatural romance twist which keep readers wanting more. The horror keeps you suspended and on the edge of the seat while the romance keeps you motivated to turn the page. It connects you to the characters which is a great thing. I guess I like romance after all which is why I wanted to write a book that just had romance in it which will be another book. I have that one started but needed to work out the kinks in it so I took a break from that to write the fantasy romance story.
Ok, this is really enough to keep you wondering what's going on. Remember, you can always check out my website to get all my information about all the books I have written and published, as well as the ones I am working on now. You can also sign up for my newsletter so you can get this information sent directly to you instead of you going to the site all the time. You would be one of the first people to learn the release date and any new information.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there! Bye 4 now!
Amber Rigby Grosjean