Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hello again! I would like to share an update with you. I am in the middle of writing a new steamy novel. This one has romance in it. It is my first attempt at romance so we'll see how that one turns out.

Cursed Blood is doing well. I get a lot of people asking me about it. Some people who have read the book, send me emails to tell me how much they have enjoyed it. A man was the most recent. He lives in the same town as I do and he wants me to sign his book for him. He's been asking me questions and wanting advice. I've been helping him as much as I can with the knowledge that I do have. I'm not an expert on relationships lol even though there are no problems with mine lol. But, I guess since I wrote an erotica, I will be getting emails like that from time to time. It's no big deal because I do enjoy hearing from my fans.

Stolen Identity is still being edited. The first round is complete and a new editor took over. I heard from her this morning. She did a quick read through and now is beginning to edit. I should hear from her next week, she said. Of course, I don't expect her to hurry. I want this book to be as perfect as it can come for all my fans. You are all important to me and I would hate to disappoint any of you. That is why it's taking a while to get this done. Please be patient as I am. That isn't easy for me, by the way lol.

More news.....I also have written some YA stories in which I am trying to find a publisher for. One in paticular was the first piece I ever finished. A publisher has it now, looking it over. It was sent to them by request so we will see how that goes. My imagination is very wild and I can't control how it works so I just give in to it. I will use a different name, Amber Rigby. And it will be found on the same website to make it easier for everyone to find all my work. I would rather be honest about it than hide behind a different name and website. I'm sure some would appreciate that. At least, I hope so anyway lol.

Well, I look forward to meeting any of you. You're welcome to reply or send me an email if you wish. I am always open to a discussion. Thank you!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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