Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8/21/2007 Update!

Well, to begin, I have recieved my edits back. I worked really hard, well into the night, to make my changes. I really improved the story. My editor really knows what she's doing! She is now going over those changes and will get back with me over the weekend. It looks like the book will be ready some time in September but I'm not really sure. It depends on how long we edit this book! So please bare with me on this! This is for the book, Stolen Identity, by the way lol.
As for Cursed Blood, it is selling rather well! Libraries in Fort Wayne and Muncie, Indiana have this book on the shelf. I went to the library here in Muncie, the one down town, just to see the book. It was awsome seeing one of my own books on a shelf. I can't even begin to tell you how that felt. It was overwhelming! I hope to get the sequal published as well because I know it's better! I still waiting to hear on that one.
I am also still waiting to hear on another book. It was requested. Then requested again because it had been destroyed in a flood. The publisher did say she enjoyed it and had some questions for me but couldn't remember what those questions were so she requested the same chapters to review and get the questions ready. She said either her or her editor would get back to me. I am so anxious about that. Mysteries of the Peterson Estate is a very special story for me because of the things I had to go through for it. I lost it once. The characters haunted me so I was forced into rewriting it. It had been rejected many times and then one publisher says she's interested and wanted to see a sample of the work. I about cried when I read that! I hope to bring you more news about that soon! Until then, keep checking my website for any news!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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